Wuhan Revolution Museum

Wuhan Revolution Museum, located at the Dufu Embankment in the old urban area of Wuchang, is composed of five revolutionary sites including the former site of the CPC Peasant Movement Training Institute, the former residence of Mao Zedong, the site of the Fifth National Congress of the CPC and the site where Chen Tanqiu carried out revolutionary activities at the early stage, the site of the Wuchang Uprising Gate, and the historical exhibition hall of disciplines developed by the CPC. As a comprehensive museum, it collects, preserves and studies cultural relics related to revolutions and the history of the CPC and showcases important historical events and the history of the great revolution and the CPC. It is also a national Class-I museum, a national Class-4A tourist attraction, and an important heritage site under state-level protection.

Tel.: 027-88850322

Address: No. 13, Red Lane, Wuchang District