Hubu Lane

Hubu Lane, located at Simenkou, the busiest area in Wuchang District, Wuhan, traces back to the Ming Dynasty and it's named after the nearby government office (equivalent to the Ministry of Revenue in feudal China) of the Qing Dynasty. It is adjacent to Shili Long Street (Jiefang Road) in the east, the vast Yangtze River in the west, the Yellow Crane Tower in the south, and Dufu Embankment Revolution-themed Tourism Area. It accommodates a large number of long-standing shops providing iconic snacks representing breakfast culture in Wuhan, including hot dry noodles of Cailinji, tri-delicacy doupi made by Laotongcheng, and steamed dumplings of Sijimei. In a sense, Hubu Lane is the old Wuhan in miniature, a landmark of Wuhan and a symbol of "Wuhan Snacks".