Wuhan East Lake Scenic Area

Wuhan East Lake Scenic Area, located in the central urban area of Wuhan, Hubei Province, is one of the first recognized national scenic areas in China. The area of lakes inside the scenic area is 33 square kilometers. It mainly consists of large natural lakes and is recognized as a 5A-class scenic area, a national wetland park, and a national demonstration zone of ecological tourism. The 101.98km long East Lake Greenway inside the scenic area is the longest 5A-class lakeside greenway in urban area of cities in China, connecting tourist attractions such as Moshan Scenic Spot, Tingtao Scenic Spot, Luoyan Scenic Spot, Chuidi Scenic Spot, Wuhan Botanical Garden, Wuhan Happy Valley, and Wuhan East Lake Ocean Park. East Lake Greenway consists of 7 roads with different themes including Tingtao Road, Huzhong Road, Baima Road, Jiaoye Road, Shenlin Road, Moshan Road, and Hushan Road, and fully incorporates natural landscape of mountains, forests, lakes and swamps, gardens, islands, dykes, fields and river bends, turning East Lake into an "ecological green center" for citizens to get closer to the natural environment. It has been recognized by UN-Habitat as a "Chinese demonstration project of urban public space improvement”. 

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