Zhiyinhao is a floating theatre made of an enormous steamboat, which is a faithful recreation of a steamer of the last century, moored at Wufu Road Wharf in Hankou. Zhiyinhao, with the theme of Zhiyin culture, also refers to the play telling stories that took place on a ship in Wuhan in the 1920s and 1930s. The process of performance and viewing begins even before visitors board the ship. The old-style steamboat connects the past with the present and takes visitors back in time to search for reflections of their life at the moment when they step on the wharf. Different from traditional theatres where visitors are required to seat properly at the auditorium, Zhiyinhao allows visitors to move freely inside the cabins and to immerse in the stories happening in every corner of the ship. The Yangtze River, the ship, and the wharf are clues and settings, and the actors are closely tied up with the audience throughout the whole journey. On the deck of Zhiyinhao, visitors will feast their eyes on the magnificent light show over the Yangtze River. Now Zhiyinhao is a new landmark of cultural tourism of Wuhan.

Tel.: 4008005261

Address: Wharf of Zhiyinhao, Hankou River Beach