The Han Show

The Han Show is located at the east end of the Chu River and Han Street in Wuchang District. It has 2,000 movable sets and is said to be the first of its kind worldwide that adopts moving and lifting seats in water show performance. The Han Show also features a huge performance pool whose capacity is equivalent to that of 3 to 4 standard Olympic swimming pools. The performance pool is capable of completing the switch between wet space and dry space in an instant. The Han Show combines performance forms like stage-based theatres, acrobatics, water ballet and diving, high-tech machineries like water screens and unique massive movable LED screens, a wide range of photo-electric and photo-acoustic techniques, and custom-made stage structures with movable seats, creating an electrifying experience for audiences in a way that advanced technologies are highlighted.

Tel.: 027-87112725

Address: The Han Show, Building 2, No. 138, Donghu Road, Shuiguohu Sub-district, Wuhan District