Wuhan Qintai Concert Hall

Wuhan Qintai Concert Hall, located adjacent to the Yuehu Lake and the Han River, consists of the 1,600-seat symphony hall, the 405-seat indoor concert hall, rehearsal halls, artistic exhibition halls and coffee shops. It is equipped with high-end advanced equipment, allowing all the audience to hear the voice of the artists clearly without sound equipment. During the ten-year operation, Wuhan Qintai Concert Hall has offered performances by first-class Chinese and foreign orchestras like the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, London Symphony Orchestra, China Philharmonic Orchestra, and China National Opera House, and well-known Chinese and foreign artists such as Zubin Mehta, Simon Rattle, Yo-Yo Ma, and Fou Ts'ong.

Tel.: 027-81880089

Address: No. 6, Zhiyin Avenue, Hanyang District

Website: qtconcerthall.polyt.cn