Qintai Grand Theatre

Wuhan Qintai Grand Theatre is adjacent to the Yuehu Lake and the Han River and on the opposite side of the Ancient Lute Terrace originally built in the reign of Wanli Emperor of Ming Dynasty. It is a core part of the Qintai Cultural and Artistic Theme Park and a cultural performance venue of the highest level in Wuhan. Qintai Grand Theatre covers an area of 24,543 square meters, with the gross floor area reaching 65,650 square meters. It has 6 aboveground floors and 1 underground floor (3 underground floors locally), and consists of one 1,802-seat large theatre, one 360-seat multi-function hall, rehearsal halls, and artistic exhibition halls. The theatre was open to the public in 2007. It provides on average over 300 performances every year, has about 240,000 members and receives over 300,000 visitors annually.

Tel.: 027-84550088

Address: No. 7, Zhiyin Avenue, Hanyang District

Website: whqtdjy.polyt.cn