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31 sports venues for the 2019 Military World Games unveiled
source: hubei.gov.cn     2017-08-07


The rendering of the beach volleyball center at the Qingshan Bund

On August 3, the executive committee of the 2019 Military World Games said that 31 venues will be constructed and converted in Wuhan for this event.

In addition to the athletes village being operational in June of 2019, the construction of other 30 venues will be basically completed by the end of 2018.

The new-built includes the swimming pool and equestrian field in Wuhan Business University, the sailing park in the East Lake, the shooting range and flying saucer field in the Caidian Field Defense Park.

Among all the reconstruction projects, the Wuhan Sports Center Stadium will become the venue holding opening and closing ceremonies, swimming and volleyball games; the football matches will be organized in Wuhan City National Fitness Center, Houhu of Hankow District.

A batch of university gymnasiums will also be put into use as the competition arenas, such as the volleyball and archery games in Jianghan University, the judo competitions in Wuhan University of Technology, the fencing competitions in Wuhan City Vocational College, boxing matches in Wuhan Sports University, etc.

The matches of taekwondo, basketball, gold and tennis will take place in Wuhan Gymnasium, Honghsan Gymnasium, Yishan Golf Course and Optics Valley International Tennis Center, respectively.

The marathon, road cycling and triathlon competitions will be held at the Wuhan Donghu Greenway, Liangzihu Avenue and Liangzihu Tourism Area, respectively.

The orienteering competitions will site in Jiangxia District and the parachuting contests will be held in the general aviation industrial park of Hannan District.

It was reported that , after the 2019 Military World Games, most of avenues will be opened to the public.

(hubei.gov.cn by Ruan Xinqi)

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