Customs Declaration for Inbound and Outbound Passengers

Inbound and outbound passengers carrying luggage and goods shall enter or exit China at places where customs offices are in service, receive customs supervision, and complete customs clearance procedures as required by the customs authority.

The way of declaration: Passengers at the entry-exit inspection site may choose the red channel or the green channel for customs clearance. Except those who are exempt from customs supervision and passengers who are under 16 years old and travel accompanied by adults, inbound and outbound passengers with items subject to customs declaration shall complete the Customs Declaration Form of the People's Republic of China for Luggage and Goods of Inbound and Outbound Passengers (hereinafter referred to as "the Declaration Form") and choose the "declaration channel" (the "red channel") for customs clearance. Inbound and outbound passengers without items subject to customs declaration are not required to fill in the Declaration Form and they shall choose the declaration-free channel (the "green channel") for customs clearance. Passengers without knowledge of customs regulations and those who do not know how to choose channels shall use the "declaration channel" to complete declaration procedures, or seek advice from the customs office. The Declaration Form shall be completed for baggage on checked separate tickets.