Residence Permit

A foreign national holding a visa which requests the holder to apply for residence certificate after entry into China shall file an application for residence certificate with the entry and exit administration department of the local public security organ within thirty days upon arrival in China.

A foreign national working in China shall file an application for residence permit with the Entry and Exit Administration Department of Wuhan Public Security Bureau by presenting his or her “Z” visa and Foreigner’s Work Permit issued by Wuhan Science and Technology Bureau. According to the law of China, foreign nationals who need to reside in China for an extended period of time due to investments in China, or economic, scientific and cultural cooperation with Chinese enterprises or public institutions, or other purposes may obtain long-term residence permit or permanent residence permit upon approval of Chinese government authorities. The local police stations are responsible for the management and service in relation to the residence of foreign nationals. Please contact the local police station in a timely manner whenever needed. Emergency call: 110; fire emergency call: 119.

Instructions on residence permit:

(1) Foreign nationals staying or residing in China shall not perform activities inconsistent with intended purposes of stay or residence and they shall leave China upon the expiry of specified period of stay or residence. Those who want to stay in China after the expiry of residence permit shall apply for extension or replacement of residence permit.

(2) Foreign national suffering from diseases that will result in his/her ineligibility to stay in China may be made to leave China in advance by the public security organ at the request of competent Chinese health authorities.

(3) Hotels in China providing residence for foreign nationals shall complete residence registration in accordance with related regulations on security administration of hotels, and submit residence registration information of foreign nationals to the local public security organ.

If any foreign national stays or resides at a place other than a hotel, he/she or the accommodation provider shall complete registration procedures at the local public security organ within 24 hours after the foreign national is received.

(4) Municipal and district-level public security organs may restrict foreign nationals or foreign organizations from having domiciles or offices at certain places for the sake of national security, social order or other public benefits.

(5) If any foreign infant is born in China, his/her parents or agents shall present the birth certificate of the infant to the exit and entry administration department of the public security organ of the people's government at or above county level at the place of residence of parents of the infant, so as to complete registration of stay or residence for the infant.

(6) If any foreign national dies in China, his/her family members, guardians or agents shall present the death certificate of the deceased to the exit and entry administration department of the public security organ of the local people's government at or above county level to declare the death and cancel the certificate of stay or residence of the deceased.

(7) Foreign nationals above 16 years old who stay or reside in China shall carry residence certificate or passport with him/her to facilitate any required inspection.

(8) Foreign nationals working in China shall obtain work permit and work type residence certificate as required. No organization or individual may employ foreign nationals without work permit or work-type residence certificate.

To obtain a residence permit, the applicant shall answer all questions asked and provide the following documents:

(1) The original and photocopy of his or her valid passport and visa;

(2) Properly completed Foreign National Visa and Residence Permit Application Form affixedwith a recently-taken 2-inch half-length photo (full faced and bareheaded);

(3) Certification of residence issued by the local police stations or local hotels (residence registration form for foreigners shall be affixed with official seal).

(4) The original health certificate issued by Hubei International Tourism and Health Care Center.

(5) Other certifications and materials required for residence.