Visa for Stay

Foreign nationals who need to stay in China may apply for certificates of stay if they are not eligible for visas, provided that the following conditions are met.

The following foreign nationals may apply for visas for stay:

(1) Visa-free inbound foreign nationals who need to stay in China after the expiry of visa-free period due to reasonable reasons;

(2) Crew members of foreign vessels and their family members who need to leave the city where the port of call is located;

(3) Those who need to stay in China after renunciation of Chinese nationality in China;

(4) Foreign nationals who need to stay in China after the purpose of residence ceases to exist;

(5) Foreign infants who need to stay in Chain after his/her birth in China;

(6) Foreign nationals forced to leave China within specified time limit;

(7) Foreign nationals who are subject to imprisonment with a suspension of sentence, conditional release, medical parole, and other sentences served out of prison, who are requested to assist in investigations or to receive guarantor pending trial or residential surveillance, who are otherwise barred from leaving China according to law, and who are not deported upon the release after serving the full term of a sentence;

(8) Foreign nationals who have been denied visas and certificates but are not deported or barred from leaving China.