Telecommunications and Mobile Communications

International Direct Dialing (IDD) calls can be placed from the guestrooms of most hotels in Wuhan. Hotels may add a 10%-15% service surcharge to the IDD bill. International and domestic long-distance calls can also be made with an IP card or a prepaid calling card available at many retail stores and telecommunication outlets. To apply for the installation of a telephone or broadband Internet access, dial 10000 (China Telecom) or 10050 (China Railcom) or visit a business outlet of the telecom operator. Internet access services are also available in hotel guestrooms, business centers and commercial Internet cafes.

Both GSM and CDMA mobile communications networks are in operation in Wuhan and provide wireless Internet access services.

For more information, you may visit any telecom operator business outlet or call:

10086 (China Mobile)

10010 (China Unicom)

10000 (China Telecom)