Traffic Rules Mandatory for Automobile Drivers

1. Carry valid driving licenses issued by the traffic administration department of the public security organ when driving motor vehicles;

2. Do not use altered, forged, diverted or deceitfully acquired license plate, driving license, pass or other certificates for transport administration;

3. Do not drive motor vehicles with partly damaged license plate or indistinguishable license plate because of cover, stain or damage;

4. Do not use a cell phone or check messages when driving, or throw items out of the vehicle, which may affect road safety;

5. Do not use invalid certificates related to traffic administration;

6. Do not park on a no-parking road section, even temporarily; when stopping temporarily on a road section where parking is not prohibited, the driver should stay in the vehicle, and the vehicle should not hinder the traffic or endanger public safety;

7. Do not practice driving on a public road;

8. Give way to public buses entering or exiting a bus station;

9. Carry a working fire extinguisher in the vehicle;

10. Abide by all other traffic rules promulgated by governments at all levels in the People’s Republic of China.