License Plate

After having a motor vehicle shipped in from other countries or having bought a motor vehicle in Chinese territory, the owner should complete motor vehicle registration at the vehicle administration division of Wuhan Traffic Management Bureau.

Tel.: 027-12123

Address: No. 314, Youyi Avenue, Wuchang District, Wuhan

To complete motor vehicle registration and examination, the following documents should be presented:

1. A certificate identifying the source of the vehicle: if the vehicle is purchased overseas, Notification on Issuance or Removal of License Plate for Imported or Exported Vehicles Supervised by the Customs of the People’s Republic of China issued by the customs authority in Wuhan shall be presented; if the vehicle is purchased in China, a purchase invoice and the certificate of conformity or the certificate of importation of the motor vehicle shall be presented;

2. Identity document of the owner of motor vehicle. Identity documents to be presented by foreign nationals include passport or other travel document with which he or she has entered China, the valid visa or residence permit allowing the holder to remain in China for at least 6 months, and the residence registration certificate issued by the public security organ; identity documents to be submitted by any staff members of any foreign diplomatic or consular mission in China, or of any representative office of an international organization in China must include valid identity documents issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

3. The certificate of payment of vehicle purchase tax or the certificate of tax exemption (no hard copy of such certificates or vouchers needs to be supplied since information about vehicle purchase tax is accessible online nationwide);

4. The certificate of compulsory traffic accident liability insurance for motor vehicles (insurance information is available online, so no hard copy of the certificate needs to be provided);

5. Certificate of payment of vehicle and vessel usage tax or the certificate of tax exemption (unless the vehicle and vessel usage tax has been paid to the insurance company when purchasing the compulsory traffic accident liability insurance for motor vehicles).

The vehicle administration division will complete motor vehicle registration within the specified time limit if application materials are found to be complete and consistent with laws, administrative regulations and motor vehicle registration requirements. If the vehicle is under the supervision of customs authority or is produced in China without being exempted from safety technology inspection as specified by the competent department of automotive vehicles of the State Council, then the certificate of motor vehicle safety technology inspection shall be presented. Within two days after the acceptance of application, the vehicle administration division will confirm the motor vehicle, check the rubbing membrane of the vehicle identification code, examine the submitted certificates, and issue vehicle registration certificate, license plate, motor vehicle license and conformity inspection mark.