Traffic Accidents

1. A driver involved in a traffic accident should stop the vehicle immediately and protect the accident scene.

2. If any personal injury or death is caused, the driver must immediately try to rescue the wounded and report the accident to a traffic police officer or the traffic management department of public security organ as soon as possible. Any change of the scene by attempt to rescue the injured must be clearly marked.

3. Accidents resulting vehicle damage may be resolved online or offline if no personal injury is incurred. Liabilities in vehicle accidents occurred from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. in central urban areas may be fixed online via the WeChat account of Wuhan Traffic Police. If there is no dispute over the liabilities, parties involved may use 12123 APP to settle the accident independently upon mutual negotiation. The parties may take photos of the scene and directly settle claims at any nearby insurance claims service center. In case of personal injury or death, compensation to be paid for any fixed property, absence of driving license, drunk driving, absence of license plate or insurance, or incapability of moving vehicles, the vehicle accident needs to be settled in the presence of the traffic police officer.