Traffic Violations

A foreign national who temporarily stays in China and intends to drive a vehicle should apply for a temporary Chinese driving license from the vehicle administration division of the public security organ at the place of entry or the city of departure, and carry the license, if granted, at all times.

If any foreign driver in Wuhan is warned or fined by a traffic police officer on the scene for a traffic violation, the interpreter of the foreign driver should interpret the officer’s statement to the foreign driver on the spot. The foreign driver has the right to represent and defend, and his/her defense, if justified, should be accepted. If the foreign driver objects to the administrative penalty, he or she shall have the right to apply for administrative reconsideration or litigation in accordance with the law.

Driver of a foreign vehicle on a temporary trip to China should apply for a temporary Chinese license plate and driving license from the public security bureau at the port of entry or the place of departure and register his or her mailing address and contact number in Wuhan.

A foreign driver in Wuhan with a traffic violation captured by a surveillance camera should schedule an appointment on the WeChat account of Wuhan Traffic Police and should respond to the traffic violation notice at the service window for traffic violations of the nearby traffic police division. His or her driver’s license and motor vehicle license are required in the response.