Five major industrial bases

(1) National Memory Base

    Located in the East Lake High-tech Development Zone, the National Memory Base will have a 3D NAND flash memory chip plant built in two phases. With a total investment of 30 billion USD, the project started construction at the end of 2016. The stable mass production of 32-layer and 64-layer memory chips has been achieved, and the world's first 128-layer 3D QLC flash memory chip has been successfully developed, with a projected production capacity of 300,000 chips/month in 2023. After completion, the memory base project can drive the development of chip design, packaging, manufacturing, and application. Combined with the display screen and smart terminal industries that have taken shape in Optics Valley, a trillion-dollar chip-display screen-smart terminal industry chain will be created, making Optics Valley into the base where electronic information industries are most concentrated in China and even in the world.

(2) Wuhan National Aerospace Industry Base

    Located in Xinzhou District, pivoting on the new-generation shuttle launch and the applications of aerospace technology, Wuhan National Aerospace Industry Base is committed to building leading industries such as carrier rocket and launch service, satellite platform and payload, space information application service, ground-based facility and manufacturing. Rocket Industrial Park (Phase I) has been completed and is ready for operation. The main structure of the Satellite Industrial Park has been roofed, and the park will be ready for operation within the year. It is expected that by 2025, the base will stimulate the development of basic industries such as independent and controllable information technology, aerospace cloud manufacturing, and new aerospace materials, as well as extended industries such as spatial big data and smart city system. Moreover, a new well-equipped aerospace system with main and auxiliary functions combined and a new aerospace town with an output value of 100 billion yuan will be built.

(3) National Cybersecurity Talent and Innovation Base

    Located in Wuhan Linkonggang Economic & Technological Development Zone (Dongxihu District), the National Cybersecurity Talent and Innovation Base is a pioneer in cybersecurity talent training. It provides training jointly with Wuhan University and Huazhong University of Science and Technology with a view to creating a teaching model for training high-quality cybersecurity talent. The first phase of the base is the 4 km2 core functional zone that features the integration of enterprises with vocational schools and universities, and includes five areas: academic education area, on-the-job training area, research institute area, industrial development area and shared services area. The BOE 10.5 TFT-LCD production line achieved full-capacity production in the first quarter of 2021. The computer room of the Big Data Center of Centrin Wuhan Data Valley has been put into use. The second phase of the base will be a 17.3km2 industrial park for innovation that focuses on the research, development, and application of key technologies. The third phase of the base will be an 18.7km2 area for further development.

(4) National NEV and ICV Base

    Located in Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone, with a total planned area of about 100 square kilometers, the National NEV (New Energy Vehicle) and ICV (Intelligent and Connected Vehicle) Base, after completion, will be the largest comprehensive demonstration area with the most abundant scenes and the most extensive types of roads in China. Piggybacking on the intelligent test laboratory, automatic driving test, evaluation system, and advanced test management system, the base will contribute not only to the faster exploration of a new model for the coordinated development of 5G technology, intelligent vehicles, and smart transportation, but also to the formation of a full industry chain of software and hardware products such as intelligent vehicle chip, in-car intelligent operating system, "vehicle-network integration" technology, high-precision mapping, driver assistance system, autonomous driving system, automated communication system and lidar, so as to facilitate the development of L5 autonomous driving technology and the formation of the largest, complete autonomous driving application system in China.

(5) Health Industry Base

    A new pattern of "one city, one park, and three zones" for the coordinated development of five major fields: biomedicine, medical equipment, medicine distribution, bio-agriculture, and health services. "One City" refers to Biolake, "One Park" refers to Optics Valley Nanda Health Industrial Park, and "Three Zones" refer to Hanyang Health Industry Development Zone, the National Medical Service Zone that encompasses Wuhan Tongji Hospital and Wuhan Union Hospital, and the International Medical Innovation Zone of Wuhan Changjiang New Town.