Importation of Motor Vehicles

Resident offices may apply for importation of motor vehicles with duty paid. The Customs will ratify the total number of the imported motor vehicles in accordance with the actual number of permanent personnel in this resident office.

Permanent personnel may apply for importation with duty paid of one new motor vehicle (no more than nine seats) for each. However, non-resident long-term visitors cannot import motor vehicles. The titles of the motor vehicles imported by permanent personnel may not be transferred until they have completed vehicle registration formalities with the competent public security and traffic administration authorities for one year. To transfer such titles, permanent personnel should file a written application with the responsible Customs office.

Duty-free imported motor vehicles are under the Customs’ supervision according to intergovernmental protocols. The supervision period by the Customs on the motor vehicles is six years since the date of Customs clearance. Without the approval by the Customs, imported motor vehicles cannot be transferred, sold, rent, impawned, pledged or devoted to other purposes during the supervision period.