Intracity Public Transportation

1.  Ferry
    As Wuhan was built beside the rivers, its ferry transportation naturally becomes an important feature of the city. This city, covered in the thick modern metropolitan atmosphere, was once famous for its ferry culture. It has 8 ferry lines: (1) Wuhan Customs House to Zhonghua Road; (2) Jijiazui to Hanyangmen; (3) Wangjiaxiang to Yellow Crane Tower; (4) Qingchuan to Yellow Crane Tower; (5) Wangjiaxiang to Zengjiaxiang; (6) Qingshan to Tianxingzhou; (7) Miaojia to Yueliangwan; (8) Miaojia to Kuaishun
    "Trip on Two Rivers" Line: In this line, there are ships such as "Yellow Crane Tower", "Ancient Lute Terrace", "Qingchuan Pavillion", "Hanyangmen" and "ICBC Mudan" offering sightseeing tours on the Yangtze River and Han River. For more information please call 027-82779136 or 027-88109920.
2.  Bus and Trolleybus
   Wuhan have no conductors on buses or trackless trolleys (except for few lines) and passengers are expected to prepare change or use the "Wuhantong City Smart Card".
3.  Taxi
    The basic fare for Fukang and Elysee taxis is 6 yuan and increases by 1.4 yuan for each additional kilometer while the basic fare for Kaixuan taxis is 8 yuan and 1.6 yuan per kilometer. The taxi fare is charged according to the taximeter and another 2 yuan is charged for fuel surcharge. Passengers should pay for the extra tolls for special roads and bridges and remember to ask for a receipt so as to track down the left luggage on the car. If you want to take a taxi, you can call 66667777 to hire one and pay another 2 yuan for services.
4.  Rail Transportation
    Wuhan rail transportation network is designed to have 9 arteries and 3 city express lines, with a total length of 540 kilometers and 309 stations. Now the ongoing Light Rail Transit Line 1 covers 28.8 kilometers, stretching from Wujiashan, the west end of the downtown area in Wuhan to Dijiao, the edge of the north. It runs along the most prosperous blocks at the north bank of the Yangtze and Han Rivers and links the east and west with 26 stations.
    The first phase of the project Metro Line 2, to be completed and put into practice at the end of 2012, is due to link Changqing Garden and the Optics valley with a total length of 27.73 kilometers and 21 stations. (Layout of the Metro Line attached)
    Tel: 027-83749240