Wuhan Art Museum

    Chosen in 1928, the current site of Wuhan Art Museum used to be the previous site of Hankou Golden City Bank, the headquarter of Japanese aggressor troops in Wuhan, Wuhan Library, and Wuhan Children's Library. In 1930, the construction of the museum architecture began and was finished in 1931. And then Wuhan Art Museum moved here. In 2005, Wuhan Municipal People's Government invested nearly 200 million RMB to expand the museum while reserving the original architectural style and features. Besides, in accordance with the requirements of the functions and facilities of the museum, the internal structure of the museum was scientifically designed and renovated into a courtyard and ballatoio della cupola architectural pattern. The museum is one of the major cultural facilities of the city.
    Tel: 027-82789916 
    Add: No.2, Baohua Street, Zhongshan Avenue, Wuhan