Mulan Heaven Pool Scenic Spot

    It is 55 kilometers away from the city center and 45 kilometers away from the Tianhe Airport. With an area of 4,800 mu (3,200,000㎡), it is divided into sightseeing areas and resort areas. In the Mulan Pool of Heaven, there is a hug valley stretching for 5 kilometers. The "Four Superb Sceneries", namely, cascades, streams, grotesque stones and peculiar woods compose more than 200 natural landscapes, presenting countless and distinct attractions to visitors. The fall between the large and small pools is about 380 meters in length. It is praised as the "Jiuzhai Valley in Hubei Province" and "Mountain Lushan in Wuhan". 
    Tel: 027-61518923, 61518926, 61518928
    Add: Shimeng Town, Huangpi District