Eating in Wuhan

     As the key thoroughfare to nine provinces, Wuhan has become the crucial channel for exchanges in culture, economy and lifestyle between the South and North. With the passage of time, its food has drawn upon the merits of other cuisines while reserving the local taste to the fullest.
     1.Crown Prince Restaurant
Jiangbian Branch
Tel: 027-82712228, 82713338
Add: No. 226, Yanjiang Road, Hankou District
Jinrong Branch
Tel: 027-85768666, 85768999
Add: No.711, Jianshe Avenue, Hankou District
Xiongchu Road Branch
Tel: 027-87387666, 87297666
Add: No. 294, Xiongchu Road, Wuchang District
    2.Hujin Restaurant
Wanda Branch
Tel: 027-85885777
Add: Floor 4-5 of Caltrop Lake Wanda Plaza, Hankou District
Zhuankou Branch
Tel: 027-85667777
Add: No.28 Boxue Road, Zhuankou Development Zone
Jinjiang Branch
Tel: 027-88221777
Add: No.55, Jiyu Bridge Bund, Jinjiang International City, Wuchang   District
Optics Valley Branch
Tel: 027-87781777
Add: No.88, East Lake High-tech Zone
State Banquet Branch
Tel: 027-85788088
Add: No.T5, Xinhuaxia Road, Jianghan District
    3.  Sunny Sky Restaurant
Headquarter on Baofeng Road
Tel: 027-83750706, 83779688
Add: No. 185, Qiaokou Road, Jiefang Avenue, Qiaokou District
Pengliuyang Road Branch
Tel: 027-88316891, 83315767
Add: No. 268, Pengliuyang Road, Wuchang District
    4.  Sanwuchun Restaurant 
Tel: 027-85779835, 85774678
Add: No. 5, Xinhuaxia Road, Jianghan District
    5.  Wufangzhai
Speciality: Glutinous Rice Balls in Rice Wine Soup
Hankou Branch: No.723, Zhongshan Avenue, Hankou District
Wuchang Branch: No.232, Pengliuyang Road, Wuchang District, within Shouyi Park
Speciality: skin of tofu
Wuchang Branch: Hubu Alley (Snack Street), Simengkou, Wuchang District
    7.  Hubu Alley (Snack Street)
Speciality: all types of snacks
Add: Zhonghua Road, Street, between Mingzhu Road and Ziyou Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan
    8.  Jiqing Street
Speciality: folk culture
Add: Jiqing Street, Jiang'an District, Wuhan
    9.  Jingwu Duck Neck Street
Speciality: Duck neck
Add: Xunlimeng, Jiefang Road, Hankou District