(1)Qintai Grand Theatre
    Ancient Lute Grand Theatre is the super cultural facility with the largest scale, most complete functions and best quality in Wuhan, in central China and even in the whole country.
Tel: 027-84550088

Add: North bank of the Moon Lake, Hanyang District


 (2) Wuhan Theatre
    Wuhan Theatre is the center for Wuhan's important political activities and the crucial venue for the reception and promoting exchanges with famous performing groups from home and abroad.
Tel: 027-82834985
Add: No. 1012, Jiefang Avenue, Hankou District

 (3) Hubei Theatre
    Hubei Theatre is a comprehensive venue for operas, singing and dancing and musical performances and serves as an important bridge for art and cultural exchanges.
Tel: 027-88873004

Add: No.1, Xichangkou, Yuemachang, Wuchang District

 (4) Zhongnan Theatre
    Zhongnan Theatre is the only professional drama venue in South Central China with an investment of 140 million RMB. Equipped with medium-sized playhouses and the small-sized theatre for children's drama, it is the core component of Jinghan Culture Road.
Tel: 027-82835366
Add: Qiuchangheng Street, Jinghan Avenue, Hankou District

 (5) Acrobatic Hall
Tel: 027-85799884
Add: Junction of Jianshe Avenue and Taipei Road, Hankou District