Wuhan International Golf Club

Wuhan International Golf Club Golf traces its origins all the way back to the 14th and 15th century Scotland. Over several centuries of development, the word GOLF evolved from the words green, oxygen, light, and foot. Golf not only has become a beloved sport permeating urban life, it has also been adopted, by many, as a way of life. Wuhan International Golf Club was established in 1994. It is the only 18-hole, par 72, championship golf course in Wuhan. The club is dedicated to the promotion and advancement of this sport. Through the hard work of club personnel, we are constantly improving our course environment, club facilities, and service. We hope to continue providing a world?Cclass golfing facility for golf enthusiasts and create a sociable environment, where family and friends, and business opportunities culminate. In the future, with your support, our club will strive for excellence. Wuhan International Golf Club is designed by British Open and Masters Champion, world famous golfing legend, Nick Faldo. Using his years of experience in professional golf competitions, coupled with his unique understanding of this sport, Mr. Faldo has created a golf course, which is seamlessly integrated into the natural environment and landscape. Wuhan International reflects the beauty and drama of golf and at the same time, brings challenge and satisfaction to golfers of every level. When you are in Wuhan International Golf Club, basking in the warm sun, stepping on soft grass with mother nature’s moisturizing and aromatic breathe massaging white ball piercing the calm blue sky you will come to understand the peace, the warmth, and the freedom, which is the utopia of golf. Wuhan is a major city in china. The Yangtze River and Hanshui River meet here with the Beijing-Guangzhou railway passing through north to south. It is a city known for its connection to 9 provinces. Wuhan International golf club is situated in the Jinyinhu Development Zone, 15 kilometers from Tianhe International Airport in the north; 7 kilometers from the city center in the south; 3 kilometers from the Hankou Railway Station in the east; and 7 kilometers from the Taiwanese Economic Development zone in the west. Within two hours’ flight, golfers from Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Hong Kong may easily tee off at the club. The Club not only takes advantages of the major passageways, but also shares the beauty of natural lakes, green belts and countryside views. No wonder it has become Wuhan`s window to the world. Spanning across an area of 2,500 mu, Wuhan International Golf Club is the only 18-hole golf course in Wuhan, with a total length of 7,190 yards. Over 8,000 square meters of facilities include the club house, two lawn tennis courts, golf school, and pro-shop. In addition, two garden villa communities are interwoven into the golf course, further perfecting the design. Add: Jinyin lake, Jinshan Ave, Airport Road, Wuhan, China 430023Tel: 0086-027-83922208��83923939��839222080��83921561 Fax: 0086-027-83921471