Orient Lucky City

The Orient Lucky City is located at the Gold-Silver Lake of Wuhan. It covers over one million square meters and is the most comprehensive entertainment and commercial complex, with a horse racecourse built to international standards in Central China. The racecourse is the core facility of the City and is the regional center for the National Equestrian and Speed Horse Racing Competition. It celebrated its grand opening in 2003. The Orient Lucky City is comprised of four major elements: horse racing, tourism, commerce and property. It includes an International Racecourse, the Jockey Club, the Equitation School, the Equestrian Exhibition, the Amusement Park, a 5-star International Convention Center Hotel, Luxurious Houses and Apartments, the Intelligent Office Complex, the Automobile Expo-center, the Shopping Mall and the Mega Store. The total investment is US $200 million. The International Racecourse, the core project of the City and the base for the National Equestrian and Speed Horse Racing Competition, was built according to international standards. It consists of two racetracks. The outer track is an all-weather racetrack and the inner track is turf. It is the only professional racecourse in Central China to host international horseracing competition. The infield lawn covers 120,000 square meters and houses the Jockey Club, the Amusement Park, the Equitation School, and its multi-functional square which can accommodate audiences in the thousands. The racecourse currently has both Thoroughbreds and Chinabreds. The “Wuhan Equestrian Festival” is held here every year and horse races are conducted several times in a month providing exciting participation for fans. The Club offers exclusive honorable service to members. Being a horse owner, one can own his beloved horse and benefit from a wide variety of competition. Add: Jinyinhu, Tianhe Airport Road, Wuhan, Hubei 430023Tel: 0086-027-85880008 Fax: 0086-027-85881151E-mail:service@olhgroup.com