Instructions on Property Lease

    1. Scrutinize the property title deed and the original of the identity paper and household registration book of the property owner to ensure his or her qualification to lease the property, and find out the property’s ownership and mortgage status; 
    2.  If the leased property is to be devoted to office or business purposes, it must have been designated as commercial property and the land on which it stands must have been designated as non-residential; otherwise, the tenant will not be able to obtain a business license; 
    3.  It is recommended to use the standard form contract, which is jointly made by the Industrial and Commercial Department and Housing Administration Department. You can download it from the Housing Market Information Website (SCXX.WHFCJ.GOV.CN); 
    4.  Check if the property is currently held under lease. If yes, the new lease agreement cannot be    registered and filed by the authorities; 
    5.  Ask for a receipt for any rent paid.