Policies for the Exemption and Reduction of the Land Use Fee

1. Foreign investors who invest to participate in the technical transformation of a state-owned enterprise in which the Chinese enterprise makes a priced investment by transferring the land use right may obtain a refund of up to 70 percent of the paid land transferring fees as state-owned property to make reinvestment.

2. The refund of 70 percent of the land transferring fees paid for the relocation and transformation of the foreign-invested long-established enterprises in urban area, obtained by the Chinese enterprise, may be reinvested as state-owned property to enrich the supporting funds of the Chinese enterprise.

3. For foreign investment projects developed and operated with a land area of over 1,000 mu, a 20 percent discount may be granted for the price of land.

4. A 50 percent discount of land transferring fees may be granted to export-oriented enterprises and technologically advanced enterprises established by foreign investors, but the land cost shall be deducted first.

5. Foreign-invested enterprises that obtain the land use right through land transferring may not pay the land use fee.

6. Administrative and institutional fees will be exempted for foreign investors who invest to transform long-established industrial enterprises. Foreign-invested enterprises in development zones will be exempted from paying administrative and institutional fees as may be determined within the scope of the municipal authority, excluding the price of land.