Wuhan Art Museum (Qintai) opens today

Wuhan Art Museum (Qintai)

The Wuhan Art Museum (Qintai), a new cultural landmark in Wuhan, has officially opened to the public today and the Wuhan Biennale 2022 has begun simultaneously at the museum.

Visitors at Wuhan Art Museum (Qintai) 

During the biennale which will run from December 2022 through May 2023, 446 world-class works of art by 285 domestic and foreign artists and teams will be on display at the Wuhan Art Museum (Qintai), Wuhan Art Museum (Hankou) and United Art Museum. On view will be paintings, sculptures and video installations, along with works in new media, sci-tech, and artistic design forms.

 "Cyberbobo," Tang Hui's work on display

The biennale will unite several concurrent exhibitions at multiple art spaces, and host cultural and artistic activities such as academic forums, voluntary aesthetic educational programs, and art tours. It aims to present the public with a diversified, multi-level and multi-dimensional comprehensive visual art experience and to build a "City of Art."