2022 Fortune 500 Dialogue with Hubei Roundtable held in Wuhan

The Fortune 500 Dialogue with Hubei Roundtable was held on November 22 in Wuhan, capital city Hubei Province.

Dong Weimin, Member of the Standing Committee of Hubei Provincial Party Committee and Executive Vice Governor delivered a speech at the conference and Zhao Haishan, Vice Governor of Hubei Province presided over the conference.

Representatives of multinational giants, includingSignify, Eni Group, Honeywell and EDF, introduced their business in Hubei at the conference. Relying on advantages brought by Hubei's geographic location and supply chain, their business in central and western regions of China had made great progress. They also presented their business expectation integrated with Hubei’s development plan.

Dong Weimin expressed gratitude to multinational companies for their long-term support to Hubei. He invited them to continue to invest in the province and contribute strength  to build it an important hub of domestic and international double circulation and a pioneer in establishing the new development pattern in the whole country.

He expected all companies will give full play to their advantages of scientific and technological innovation, strengthen cooperation with Hubei's competitive industries, further promote digital economic cooperation, drive Hubei companies to embed into the international market, and so as to improve Hubei's opening up level to the outside world. Hubei will also provide more opportunities and create a better environment for their development in the province.