Iranian engineer in Wuhan

"In 2018, President Xi inspected the FiberHome Telecommunication Technologies Company. As an employee of FiberHome, I feel very proud." Majid Azizi, an Iranian, has been a senior technology lecturer at FiberHome for five years. He says FiberHome's work is both interesting and challenging. He feels at home at the cutting edge of innovation.

Azizi reading in the company's reading room Photo by Xia Junjun

Impressed by friendly and cooperative Wuhan people

  Azizi first came to Wuhan as an exchange student in 2013 to pursue a degree in computer science and technology at the Central China Normal University. After completing his undergraduate studies in 2015, he went on to pursue a master's degree in computer science and technology at the Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

  At the school, Azizi was deeply moved by the friendliness of Wuhan people. "I have studied and worked in several overseas countries before, but honestly, I didn't feel that I was being appreciated in those countries." However, in Wuhan, the Chinese teachers who were in charge of foreign students always took good care of them. If they had any problems, the teachers would promptly help them. They would also give them suggestions about life and studying. He was also impressed that all the facilities at the university were well maintained and arranged in an orderly fashion, including restaurants and sports grounds.

Azizi (second from left) and his colleagues

Sense of achievement in work

Upon graduation with a master's degree in 2017, Azizi received a job offer from FiberHome as a technology lecturer.

Azizi's first day at work was not a good experience. Due to excitement and nervousness, he did not sleep much the night before. As a result, when his supervisor and colleagues assigned him work, Azizi was drowsy and sleepy. He worried a lot about his performance when the day was over.

Fortunately, FiberHome's friendly environment calmed Azizi down. "At FiberHome, the daily and monthly work is arranged for everyone in advance. My colleagues are also very experienced and willing to help me and guide me unconditionally." Azizi said that they use both Chinese and English at work and enhance their cooperation and friendship through various team activities. 

After two years of learning from experienced colleagues, Azizi began to complete projects independently at the end of 2018. His first project was to instruct Thai customers on how to operate and maintain a batch of equipment. Azizi followed up this project for a month and finally received satisfactory feedback from the customers. "When I talk to them, I can feel their happiness and satisfaction."

"I get a great sense of accomplishment from working hard, having improvements in my professional skills every day, and enjoying recognition from my colleagues and clients," said Azizi.

Sense of belonging in Wuhan

Azizi has noticed that Wuhan is becoming more and more high-tech with its ubiquitous free Internet coverage in public places and wide 5G technology applications. "I'm very proud that I am a witness to the development of FiberHome in my professional domain."

In his spare time, Azizi spends some time every day on his major. He said that the updating of the communication industry's knowledge base and technology is running at a fast pace. As a technical engineer, he also needs to constantly study and brush up his knowledge and skills. In the future, he hopes to pursue a PhD in his field.

Azizi said Wuhan has become his home. "Sometimes you feel lonely in a foreign country. But eventually, you will find someone who understands you, and I guess that's what home is all about. Wuhan is my home; here are my friends and my teachers. It's hard to say why, but it's something I feel in the depth of my heart."