Transformation of steel town

In recent years, Wuhan's various districts have been striving to increase the level of opening-up by developing brands with distinctive features. To help our readers better understand this, more effectively tell Wuhan stories to the world, and celebrate the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) with practical action, we are launching a series of bilingual reports related to "One District, One Brand." In this report, we take a look at Qingshan District — the "Red Town of Steel."

Qingshan District, located on the Yangtze River, has flourished because of steel. In recent years, it has been pursuing the eco-priority concept while building "a steel mill in the forest and a chemical industry zone in the wetland." By striving to promote the strategy of "One Axis, Two Zones and Three Cities," the district is being transformed into a new industrial town with ecological and humanist characteristics.

Beautiful Qingshan

The Qingshan riverside, the first sponge riverside in Hubei province, employs environmental, ecological and absorbent sponge concepts with flood prevention methodologies. On Dec. 6, 2017, it was awarded the "Cities4Tomorrow" award in the fifth Award Ceremony of C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group which was held in Chicago in the US, becoming the only city in China to have obtained such a title that year.

In March 2019, the International Half Marathon was held at the Qingshan Riverside Park, in which 22 foreign runners from Ghana, Russia, India, Mauritius, Ethiopia, and other countries participated. In October 2019, the Men's Beach Volleyball Competition of the 7th CISM Military World Games also took place there.

Green Qingshan

Adhering to ecological priorities and green development, the old steel town has, by undergoing transformation and upgrade, taken on an entirely new look. In 2017, the ecological restoration project of Daijiahu Park won the "China Model for Human Residential Environment." The Wuhan Iron and Steel (Group) Company has embarked on its journey of high-quality development, continuously striving to build itself into a "world-class green steel base."

As the hydrogen industry is a major emerging industry, strategic plans are currently being made to optimize industrial structure to involve Qingshan District in the construction of Wuhan as China's "hydrogen capital." On Sept. 29, 2022, a Hubei-Telemark (Norway) webinar took place at the Wuhan University of Technology that centered on the "Green Development" and collaboration in hydrogen energy development. At the meeting, an official from the related department of Qingshan District briefed the attendees on the planning and goals of building a "Hydrogen Capital."

Qingshan management

Profound changes have taken place in Qingshan District. For example, Qingheju Community has been turned from a shanty residential area into a model community. In April 2021, 34 diplomats from 21 Latin American and Caribbean countries visited Hubei and went to the community to learn the experience of public governance. After listening to the speech by the community secretary Gui Xiaomei, Martin Charles, Ambassador of Dominica to China, said that when his country reported the COVID-19 cases, it immediately began to learn from what China was doing, especially how communities were managed. "The cooperation between the Chinese government and local communities reflects the spirit of bringing together the resources needed to accomplish great tasks," he said.

Yummy Qingshan

Industrial culture plus managerial innovation enhances people's everyday life. Enshi Street, which is called a "Bite of Paradise," is a center of cuisine among the old communities. After an upgrade in 2020, it is even more "amazing" with its orderly arrangement and effective management. Paik Jong won, host of the South Korean food variety show "Street Food Fighter," once came to the street and ordered a Mianyang three steams, which gave him a desire to ask for more.

Qingshan Vision

The times are calling us and the people expect us to deliver. Only by pressing ahead with unwavering commitment and perseverance will we be able to answer the call of our times and meet the expectations of our people. In the future, Qingshan District will continue to remain committed to the overall strategy of building a "modern steel town" and fully promote its "One District, One Brand" agenda. Striding forward with "Qingshan speed," it will build itself into a world-class ecological and industrial new town with comprehensive advantages and Wuhan characteristics.